Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tick Tock

Time is running out on the folks in the House of Bishops working to craft a "mind of the house" message to the Church. My cell phone had so many text messages (mostly of the "... what's happening?" "...have you heard anything?" variety) that it temporarily gave up the ghost and died on me. St. Nader of All Saints (our IT wizard) brought it back to life ... we've rechristened it "Lazarus" and now I ... like everyone esle ... is awaiting word from the "inner sanctum" of House of Bishopdom.

Rumors continue to run rampant, of course ... for the best ones check out Stand Firm (where Matt Kennedy is "on the ground" madly live-blogging away) and Titusonenine (where Kendall Harmon as a Tuesday Commentary Round Up going.) Jim Naughton reports ...

When the House of Bishops reconvenes, it will vote on a resolution of "seven or eight" bullet points written in resolution style followed by about a page and a half of explanatory langauge. I am told that there is general agreement on the bullet points, but that some bishops feel the explanatory language says more than is necessary, and raises issues that don't need to be addressed. The PB thinks they can wrap this up by the 5 p. m. Eucharist.

... so that's what we're all waiting for.

While we're waiting for news (which, to totally mix my metaphors is feeling like waiting for water boil while watching sausage being made ...) do check out Reverend Elizabeth Explains It All over at Telling Secrets ... unpacking the mysterious differences between public rites and pastoral care: well done, my dear!

And now, back to watching and waiting.

(No nibbling on that bread of anxiety, now ... eat something good for you instead!)


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