Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Remedial Reading

So if you’ve been enjoying the last days of summer and now with Labor Day behind us finding yourself in back-to-work mode wondering if you missed anything on “As The Anglican World Turns” here’s some recommended remedial reading:

Mark Harris’ “Non Windsor Compliant Bishops

The presence and participation by Bishops Iker and Duncan in the ordinations of Bishops Atwood and Murdoch signals not a miracle at CANA, but a disaster in Kenya. They are now in non-compliance with Windsor and with the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church. The problem is, who will bring the matter up? At a time when the Moderator is given to talking about the cross to come and bishops are being invited to "play the Man" who wants to point out the obvious?

Fr. Jake has Robert Brooks’ “Memorandum” on the Communion’s Constitution which answers the question posed over on Episcopal Majority: Who Can Expel the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion?

It is time to insist upon a return to the written constitutional framework as the context for discussion of the life and mission of the Anglican Communion. The message to others about the ACC Constitution is simple: Either obey it or amend it. Out of respect for all the Provinces of the Anglican Communion whose General Synods unanimously put in place this one written constitution for the Communion as the framework for its on-going life, we should honor and obey this constitution. Then let the conversation continue.

And Nigel Taber-Hamilton offers his “Hopes for the House of Bishops,” concluding with this quote from the late +Jim Kelsey:

Now it is time to move ahead with God's work of redemption. Hopefully it will be in partnership with others throughout the Anglican Communion. The extent to which others are ready to keep in partnership with us has yet to be seen – but that we are prepared to step out in faith and with courage and determination to celebrate God's liberating work in our midst and in the world, have no doubt.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to work I go!


Hiram said...

In 2003, in spite of the advice of its own theological commission, that of the Abp of Canterbury, the ACC, and the Primates, ECUSA sowed the wind in consecrating a man in a homosexual relationship. Is it any surprise that the whirlwind is upon us?

Anonymous said...

Oh look, hiram is blaming the gays for the hurricanes....