Saturday, September 15, 2007

In the News ...

The Telegraph interview of +Rowan Williams includes this quote ... "I don't think it's just an obsession with sex," he sighs. "It's about the authority of the Bible. Generally we're seeing a reworking of that - it's an area of real anxiety and for some people this is a step too far." (Anxiety again! STEP AWAY from the bread of anxiety -- let's remember the 1979 prayerbook was a step too far and the ordination of women was a step too far and Galileo was CERTAINLY a step too far and Lord knows Cranmer, Hooker & Jewell et al made "some people" anxious. As I heard one of the kids quoted the other day, "You gotta know your history, dude!")

The Guardian previews the upcoming HoB Meeting ... (they must be grasping for news as they picked up a quite old dusty Integrity press release to quote from!)

Seattle Times reports on Greg Rickel's ordination today as Bishop of Olympia ...(congratulations to Greg AND to Olympia!)

The Living Church notes "Quincy, Pittsburgh to Reconsider National Church Ties" ... (what would make them reconsider reconsidering? "The House of Bishops ... unequivocally accepting all the requests of the worldwide Anglican Communion when they meet in New Orleans." My, my, my!)


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