Wednesday, April 09, 2008

An Anglican Covenant: Dividing or Reconciling?

That's the title of the conference I'm in NYC to attend ... we start tomorrow and I arrived tonight ... trying to remember to be grateful that I was only 2+ hours delayed on JetBlue and not cancelled like so many other travelers were on American. Here's a link to details of the work we'll do here over the next few days ... I expect I'll be commenting along the way.

In the meantime, while enroute to NYC we got the word that the Archbishop of Canterbury had stepped up and condemned the escalating violence against LGBT folk in Nigeria and the UK ... so managed to get an Integrity statement off from the tarmac at the Las Vegas airport where our plane was doing an unscheduled "tech stop" (ergo the delay.)

ANYWAY, giving thanks for the marvels of modern technology that actually allow us to make such things happen AND (more importantly) for the gift of the great cloud of witnesses who incarnate the "ubuntu" ideal of a human race becoming a human family.

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