Monday, April 28, 2008

In The Eye of the Storm in the Window in London

Fun photo sent by a friend who was in London at Church House Bookshop where +Gene's new book is "featured" in a window display just a hop-skip-&-a-jump from Westminster Abbey.
Haven't ordered your copy yet? Well ... you can do that here ... or, if you want to get a taste of it first, check out this NPR interview (which includes an excerpt).


Brother David said...

According to a post at Mad Priest's, Mary Clara reports from the UK that the ABC has denied +Gene consent to preach or celebrate liturgies while he is in the UK off & on during the next few months.

Richard said...

How wonderful for them! I checked at Vroman's Pasadena (Hastings Ranch branch) and was told this was a "Special Order Item." And, as if that's not enough, it's not available on, either. What gives?

Frair John said...

The Publication date keeps getting pushed back in the US. Not uncommon ofr "controversial" books. They are probably trying to get closer tot he "Summer Reader" market - or trying to get ready for protests.