Monday, December 07, 2009

Thus Spake +Barbara Harris


"Since we don't have any say in who gets see-lected as bishops in some other provinces of the communion, why should those in other provinces be able to dictate who can or cannot be ee-lected by the laity and clergy whom they will lead in this branch of Christ's holy and catholic church?"
(at the Integrity Eucharist in Anaheim in July)

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RonF said...

Other members of the Anglican Communion cannot dictate who will be elected to the Episcopate in this church.

What they can do is state that they see that what we are doing is at variance with Christian tradition and doctrine overall and with Anglican tradition and what had been commonly accepted doctrine up to this point; that they will not accept these people as "Bishops for the whole church"; and that they will have to reconsider whether or not they can remain in communion with us as a result.

They have no right to tell us who we can and cannot elect as Bishops. They have every right to voice their opinions and to press to either toss us out of the Communion or withdraw from it themselves.