Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"a dichotomy wrapped in a paradox covered in tattoos"

I have sometimes joked that the only "B" I've got going in the LGBT acronymn is "bi-denominational."

My mom was Lutheran and my dad was Episcopalian -- and I was raised going to church at an Episcopal Church and to school at a Lutheran Day School ... and so I had the cross cultural experiences of hotdishes and jello in the Fireside Room at Good Shepherd and cucumber sandwiches and tea in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's -- and it was all church to me!

So -- flash forward to 2013 -- and I'm asking: What's not to like about a 6'1" tattooed Lutheran pastor who has been described as "a dichotomy wrapped in a paradox covered in tattoos" proclaiming the Good News of God's inclusive love at All Saints Church ... with a ham raffle?


That's what we're looking forward to here at All Saints Church as we look forward to the upcoming visit from Nadia Bolz-Weber on Tuesday, October 29 for the "Nadia Bolz-Weber's "Pastrix" book event (and ham raffle!)"  

If you've never heard of Nadia, here's your chance. She did an amazing interview with Krista Tippett about a month ago ... here's a link to the vimeo clip -- and it is WELL worth the watch.

No time for video right now? Then here's a little sample of her "style" from a recent interview with Religion Dipatches:

I only preach from my scars, not my wounds. I don't mind putting my stuff out there. It doesn't bother me, but if I do that with a wound and my parishioners respond by wanting to bring me bandages, so to speak, I have failed. Then it is about me.

If I'm going to reveal something about myself in a sermon—which I almost always do—the purpose has to be to show the people how much in need of God's grace we are. If you aren't convicted by something how are you ever driven to the foot of the cross? If nothing can convict me, if I'm great and I have all of my shit together then we just leave Jesus idling in his van on the corner.

Seriously. That will SOOOO preach!

So come by and join us if you're in the neighborhood. 7pm on Tuesday, October 29. And if you're NOT "in the 'hood" tune in and watch the live-stream here ... you won't be able to win the ham, but it should be both inspiring and entertaining!


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