Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Meanwhile, on the Immigration Reform Front:

President Jennings took this photo this morning at a meeting that she, Bishop Katharine, Bishop Johncy Itty, Peter Persell of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and 20 other ecumenical leaders had with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and six other members of Congress about immigration reform.

"Leader Pelosi told us that the faith community is critical in the struggle for just immigration reform. She emphasized that the immigration reform bill currently before the House of Representatives (H.R. 15) is bipartisan and has the votes to pass. It simply needs to be brought to the floor for a vote," said Jennings


Unknown said...

Do your think we would lose character as a nation if we were to have more 'open' borders?

Unknown said...

Is there some technical problem? I have done 2 comments on this post?

Unknown said...

Is there some technical problem? I have done 2 comments on this post?

Unknown said...

What Gives?


So here's the deal: I "moderate" the comments on this blog, which means they wait in a kind of digital limbo after posting until I click "post" to publish them.

I've been on vacation and haven't checked it in awhile ...

And no, I do not believe we "lose character" as a nation if we have just immigration reform. I think we are who we ARE as a nation because we have woven together a great tapestry of diversity ... and the more we continue to embrace the values of liberty and justice for all the more American we'll all be.

musculars said...

How do you address the ecological concerns especially in California where immigration is the prime factor in the massive increase in population and undercuts any native population stabilization? Already we are the third most populous nation behind China and India.

And what of the negative implications for the poorest citizens with the impact of legalization advanced by the Senate bill.

As for our culture, diverse immigration has led to its enrichment along the classic lines of assimilation despite misguided attempts of "multiculturalism" now fairly much rejected by the polity.
The pace of immigration however poses a danger to this assimilation as well as to the environment and the poorest and unskilled citizens.


#1 -- I don't buy the assimilation trumps multiculturalism premise. In my context the "polity" has done precisely the opposite ... rejecting the paradigm of entitlement and white privilege that presumed "assimilation" to someone else's cultural norms was a requirement for full citizenship.

#2 -- unless you're a Native American, I don't believe you get to define talk about "native population stablization" without a red flag from the irony monitors

#3 -- Finally, for some actual facts/data on immigration


Delighted to hear the President prioritizing Immigration Reform in his post-shutdown speeches.

Honored to stand with colleagues in Pasadena at the Immigration Reform Rally this week.

Si, se puede ("yes, we can") fix our broken immigration system and live more fully into a better, stronger, more multicultural America.

uffda51 said...

The same party fighting immigration reform wants to abolish the EPA, so it beggars belief to think that this party has any “ecological concerns” about California, or anywhere else. BTW immigrants didn’t cause the levies to fail during Hurricane Katrina, or the BP Gulf spill, or the Exxon disaster. Nor did they invent fracking. They do take care of our children, harvest our crops and clean our hotel rooms, among other things. The corporate sponsors of the same party that opposes immigration reform demand a constant supply of cheap exploitable labor.

And if this party were truly interested in “negative implications” on its poorest citizens, they wouldn’t be fighting so hard to abolish labor unionism, oppose increases in the minimum wage, and legislate new barriers to voting.

The Bible is full of stories about Jesus feeding and healing people but I don’t recall a single instance in which he asked the immigration status of anyone before helping them.

We live in a multicultural world. Alleluia!


HIGHLY Recommended -- "Dismantling Modern Racism" with Dr. Valerie Batts



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