Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Justice O’Connor performs same-sex wedding at U.S. Supreme Court building

It was 1991 and it was the opportunity to hear Sandra Day O'Connor speak at the Episcopal Church's General Convention that got me (and my friend Lori Fehr) to fill up the Camry and head to Phoenix to check out this "General Convention" thing.

We were not disappointed ... in Justice O'Connor or GC1991. Rock on, Sandra ... and TEC!

[And you can read about the DC wedding here.]


Unknown said...

Same-Sex marriage is important, but hardly has the importance of say the subject of the modern-day criminal justice system.


I don't subscribe to a hierarchy of oppressions, preferring to stick with MLK's "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Unknown said...

From reading some sections of his speech it seems that he was only referring to the United States borders?

In regards to "subscribing to a hierarchy of oppressions" I sure as hell subscribe to that hierarchy.
I would find it hard to be concerned about whom I am marrying if I could not have access to say 'clean drinking water'