Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Voices" Video Now Online

You can now view the "Voices of Witness" video on the CTB website ... many thanks to Jeff, our amazing web-guru who can seemingly make ANYTHING happen!


Anonymous said...


there's a lot of stuff going on that is a subtole form of lying.

vicki gene know that it's not he that is the abomination -- it's the behavior. but note what he said.

as for you, susan, you make it sound as though no one is listening. the issue is celibacy.


no, the issue is baptism and whether or not when we batize someone into the Body of Christ they are fully or conditionally included in that Body.

Anonymous said...

Susan, and all who contributed to the content and production of this powerful tool for evangelism and witness, THANK YOU!

Beautifully done, sincere in its truth telling, touching in its power to reveal the love of God in all of us.

If we could all remember that nothing is impossible for God!

God bless you all!

Hiram said...

“The issue is baptism and whether or not when we baptize someone into the Body of Christ they are fully or conditionally included in that Body.”

Rev. Susan, you know that I am very much a reasserter and that I cannot accept that same-sex sexual activity is morally acceptable to the Lord, regardless of the context of such sexual activity. However, I do say that when a person is baptized, that person is fully included in the Body of Christ.

When a person is baptized, he or she promises not only to receive the grace and love of Jesus Christ, but also to follow him as Lord – in other words, that person agrees that Jesus, not himself or herself, is in charge. That person also pledges in the Baptismal Covenant that she or he “will continue in the apostles’ teaching,” and that he or she “will persevere in resisting evil and when [he or she] falls into sin [he or she] will repent and return to the Lord.” The promise to “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being” is NOT the only promise in the Covenant. (And furthermore, that promise is to be interpreted in the light of the other promises, meaning that it is the apostles’ teaching – the Scriptures – that defines what justice is.)

If you mean that those whose temptation is sexual attraction to members of their own sex must be free to act upon that attraction in order or else they are not “fully included,” then I must ask you: In what area of temptation am I allowed to follow my temptation, rather than the teachings of the Lord Jesus? Can I indulge my gluttony? I am a member of Weight Watchers, but I would dearly love the freedom to eat ice cream every day, or to feast on cake and cookies, or even simply on mashed potatoes. Can I be greedy – perhaps not everywhere, but enough to buy that Audi TT convertible I would love to have? When I am depressed, as I am from time to time, can I have a grand “pity party,” and stay away from my work for three or four days?

Baptism brings untold privileges. It also brings responsibilities. We do not belong to God because of our own efforts at obedience, but only “by the merits and mediation of our Lord Jesus Christ.” When God calls us to himself, however, he also calls us to growth in grace and truth. God’s grace is transforming grace, and as the Holy Spirit is at work in us, God writes his laws upon our hearts (Jer. 31:31-34) so that we obey God out of love and a transformed heart.

Those who knowingly hold back an area of temptation and tell God, “This is not wrong; I know because it is so strong and so enjoyable,” are not fulfilling their baptismal pledge. And they do not honor God.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I visit this blog from time to time to see what you are posting and to listen to your viewpoint. Yes, we disagree on major issues (I am a 'reappraiser') but wanted you to know that I watched the video and was impressed. Whoever produced it did a fantastic job. Several times I was near tears and appreciate the love demonstrated thoughout the testimonies. I did not come away with different convictions, but perhaps with a softer heart.

Anonymous said...

We can all believe or think what we will, but only God--when I go to be with Him/Her--can tell me if I fulfilled my baptismal vows and that the act of commitment with the person I chose to love was in anyway offensive to Him/Her. Only God can tell me and judge me, and I don't need to look to any person who thinks it's their call to decide what God's truth is, to tell me that I am not loved of God.


anthony -- thank you. thank you very much. we couldn't ask for anything more from this gift we give the church of our witness.

Anonymous said...

I cannot accept that same-sex sexual activity is morally acceptable to the Lord

Actually, Hiram, I agree...

...agree, that it cannot be morally acceptable to the Lord, to categorize something so unfairly as "same-sex sexual activity" when we don't (be honest now) characterize what goes on in the bedroom of husband&wife as "opposite-sex sexual activity."

The issue ISN'T "sexual activity". The issue is spousal love, of covenanted partners: shall the Church bless it in ALL Christian couples?* Or only when it occurs in heterosexuals?

[* A "Christian couple", for our purposes, is one where both partners are Christians, consenting adults, not covenanted to another, and desiring to make their covenant both exclusive (of all others), and life-long]

Again and again, reasserters MAKE this about sex . . . and that's UNFAIR!!!!

(Indeed, "sex" as erotic stimulation between persons apart from covenanted love, is inappropriate for ANY Christian]

Enough w/ the "sex" already!

As Jesus did at Cana: God bless spousal love! And so say the Church! :-D

Anonymous said...

I think you make an interesting point, with honesty and humility. I hope to see your questions answered.

africantrekker said...

Susan and Louise--

I just found out via Wilma that I had made it to the video and have watched it. I feel so blessed to be a part of it. It feels like I've come full circle in terms of what I've gotten from the church and what I can give to the church.

The video is wonderful and I'm sending it to all my friends so that the Spirit can inspire them in the same way that It inspired me.

I am so glad that I made that bet with God.

See you when I return from Africa.

Be well and God Bless -

Anonymous said...

Susan ... The Video, just thinking about it right now brings tears to my eyes. It was just outstanding, profoundly heart moving, and such a tool to share with anyone who will watch. Thank you so very much for your hard work (your's and your spouse's) on this project, and also for your committment to the ministry of Integrity and your strong presence at General Convention. Will the video be available for purchase at any time now that the Convention is over?