Friday, October 31, 2008

"Don't Speak For Me Sarah Palin"

OK ... I am WAY too busy a person to be looking at every YouTube parody somebody sends me via email ... but this one I bothered with and it was the best three minutes and eighteen seconds I've spent all day.


"Obama Hockey Mom"


Barbi Click said...

And she is wearing a St. Louis Blues shirt!!!!!! Go Blues! :-)
I love St. Louis!

Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

Beautiful voice, great feelings, how creative! The world needs more mothers like that.

Cany said...

I just love this!!!!


A commenter has a question about the "Mexico will move to Nebraska" part ... I deleted it because of language content but it was NOT an anti-immigration slur from our Obama Hockey Mom ... it was comment on global warming and its impact!

Myelita Melton said...

Bravo! Encore!! Take a bow!