Thursday, October 16, 2008

LA Roundtable: On the Propostion 8 Debate in California

So remember back a week or so ago when we met Pastor Jack from Calvary Chapel? He was the guy with the "V-Blog" on YouTube explaining why he and his congregation are supporting Proposition 8.

We were both invited to come to a taping of the "L.A. Roundtable" show on October 7th to bring our different perspectives to the table ...

... so here we are! Ready to "rock and roll."

The 60 minute show included two different roundtable discussions ... one on Proposition 11 (a redistricting proposal) followed by ours on Proposition 8.

The show we taped on Oct. 7th is now running on the local public access channel and is ALSO online. So ... if you're interested in seeing "The Pastor Jack & Susan Russell Show" click here and check it out ... at 29:35 into the video clip.

PS -- You don't want to miss Pastor Jack -- at 44:08 -- explaining how high taxes in Denmark are the result of the passage of same-sex marriage ... ("It's a biological fact and it's a chemistry fact.") ... and from there it's a VERY short few steps to (you guessed it!) BEASTIALITY!


Unknown said...

RE. "rev" Jack:

I always ask God, if he has to give me enemies, make them stupid!

Good job, Susan!

uffda51 said...

I have to say the most interesting part, paraphrasing, was, if evolution were true, there wouldn't be any gay people left.

Well done, Susan.

PseudoPiskie said...

People like that "reverend" are scary. Doesn't he know about bearing false witness? Or is he so naive and uneducated that he actually believes the fabrications he tells? shudder.

Kay & Sarah said...

You did a great job is presenting your view!!

Pastor Jack reminds me of one of my mothers favorite sayings, "You can't argue with ignorance."

Unknown said...

Brava, brava! Susan, you were succinct and rational! Here's to all our efforts in defeating this proposition in November!