Saturday, October 04, 2008






Jim of L-Town said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

How sweep it is!

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim of Michigan

WSJM said...

Susan --

As a very long time Cubs fan, I think that's just rude.

RonF said...

Oh, man, there's anger on the Chicago talk shows today. Cubs fans calling in saying that they've had it, they're throwing out the paraphenalia and buring the T-shirts. They'll be fans no more.

This Red Sox fan says that the Cubs should say "Good riddance". How often did I see the Red Sox come thisclose only to fail to advance. The teams of the '50's and 60's, each one sadder than the next, "First in your hearts and last in the American League". The '67 team take it to 7 games against the Cardinals only to lose, and then Lonborg went skiing and tore up his knee. Rico Petrocelli falling down running around 3rd for home and getting tagged out, thus losing the pennant to the Tigers by 1/2 game (strike year, the owners wouldn't make up the lost games). The '75 team that took it to 7 in the WS against Cincinatti. The '78 team beaten by Bucky "F'n" Dent in the playoff game against the Yankees. The '86 team one out from winning it all against the Mets when the ball went through Buckner's legs. The '03 team lose to the Yankees in 7 in the ALDS. And that's only in my memory, the stories go back to my father's and my grandfathers' time.

But then there was 2004, down 0-3 and losing in the 7th of the 4th game, only to rise off the dirt and come roaring back to take 8 straight and ending 86 years of waiting and hoping. And 2007 and maybe yet this year.

So let the fair-weather fans fall away. Just don't come back when success finally calls.