Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things are lookin' up!

Checking the blogs quickly before heading to the office this morning, I noted Tituonenine was featuring this story:

Anglican Leaders Form New Church in San Jose
Posted by Kendall Harmon

(Via email): San Jose is now home to the new St. James Anglican Church. All are invited to celebrate the establishment of this community of faith. Sunday services will include a traditional mass at 9 am, and a contemporary service at 10:45 am. St. James will be meeting at the Camden Community Center at 3369 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124. St. James has joined the newly-formed Anglican Church of North America ...

The news inspired me to post the following comment:

1. Susan Russell wrote:

New church.

Newly-formed “Anglican Church of North America”

Thank God we’re part of a free country where people who don’t like what the Episcopal Church is, believes, does or lives out can leave and start their own new church so they can live out their lives of faith the way they feel so called and leave us to get on with the mission and ministry of TEC.

And thank God we’re part of a country where the rule of law keeps those who want to go do a new thing from taking the old buildings, silver, linens and prayerbooks with them.

Things are lookin’ up!

You can read the rest here ... and follow the comment thread if you dare. Onward and upward!


Lindy said...

And I see your comment did not go unnoticed... good work.

uffda51 said...

It’s interesting to me that if you search Kendall Harmon’s post and comments about it, as well as the site he references ( for the words gay or homosexual, you won’t find them.

You will find the phrase “Biblical standards on sexuality” (which are about as accurate as the Biblical standards on astro-physics) and the words orthodox and doctrine. And “the Word delivered to Apostles and forefathers… .”

And of course “religion based on a passionate commitment to the truth.”

Gene Robinson was truthful. The conservative position sounds more like an unreasonable fear of the truth.

Kendall Lockerman said...


Prophets who have been annointed
By their own hands
Make profound utterance
About the meaning of our lives
As if God had no imagination
At all

Kendall Dana Lockerman