Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oprah Signs All Saints Rector Ed Bacon for Regular Radio Gig

So let me just brag on my rector for a minute. (And may I just note for the record that he's too busy to read my blog, lest this be construed as sucking up! :)

The announcement was made Sunday and has just been posted to the All Saints website that Ed Bacon will be teaming up with Elizabeth Lesser to co-host three XM radio broadcasts a month for "Oprah's Soul Series" on XM Radio.

We're STILL getting calls, emails and visits from Ed's January "Gay is a Gift from God" appearance on the Oprah Show -- and are just thrilled at the opportunity presented for the proclamation of the inclusive gospel in this national platform.

It seems to me particularly timely, given the ARIS Survey released last week and in the news all over the place -- the one where "none of the above" is growing as a religion choice for many Americans.

Elizabeth Kaeton has blogged on it.
The L.A. Times has reported on it.
CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) has opined about it.

Anyway ... celebrate with us this opportunity to share the Good News we get to hear around here all the time with a wider audience. And if you have XM Radio, tune in on Monday, March 16 when Ed and Elizabeth will be talking about the spiritual challenges of this economic downturn.


LGMarshall said...

Are we supposed to be happy now that Episcopal Rector Bacon has now hitched his wagon with Oprah Winfrey and the likes of Eckhart Tolle, who said...'How can I eliminate myself from this World?', Marianne Williamson & her 'Course in Miracles' who says...'Remember there is No Sin', and Rhonda Byrne whose writings called 'The Secret', promise 'Fulfillment of every Desire'? Why does Rev. Bacon feel so comfortable in a milieu that so readily rejects Christ as Savior? It's curious.


Yes, actually ... some of us are very happy that a voice representing an inclusive perspective on God's abundant love is finally out there on a national platform as an antidote to the exceptionalist "Christianistas" ...

MarkBrunson said...

What a sad, impotent little god you worship, LGMarshall! It certainly isn't Christ, whatever it's told you!

Really, that god is beneath you.

Come and worship the True God. Maybe that will help you be happy. So much anger and hate and ignorance is not good for you, LG!