Friday, March 13, 2009

New and Improved!

We launched our "All Saints Church Website 2.0" last night ...

Still some work to do on updating all the images and some of the content but it is a huge improvement and we are just thrilled to get our "new look" up and going! Kudos to those who worked so hard to get this finished (Lisa & Keith!)

Stop by and visit if you have a minute ... and have a great weekend everybody!


Erp said...

It may need some checking for disability access. I noticed some missing ALT tags and an html validator found some coding errors.

lynx has it starting like:


which is likely to put people who are blind and dependent on alt text off (note that non-useful images should have an alt text of "" so non-visual browsers know to skip them otherwise they tend to give the file name).

You do a lot of good work and I would hate to think that LGBTIA miss All Saints because they happen to depend on non-visual browsers.

Jon M. Richardson said...

ooohhh... I LOVE it! I would never have criticized the "Cathedral of Progressive Episcopalians", but this is a MUCH needed update. It seems to be a better representation of who y'all are!