Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time flies when you're having Lent

Happy "Hump" Day! As the week is fast-forwarding (time flies when you're having Lent, eh???) I wanted to take a minute out to post these two resources that have helped me in my study and reflection in the past few days -- hope you'll find them helpful, too!


This week the All Saints' Lenten Toolkit reflection for Lent III is on John 2:13-21 ... Jesus and the Moneychangers ... by my colleague Christina Honchell. Don't miss it.


Last Sunday I led an adult education offering on "the clobber passages" here at All Saints. In the process of doing research for the presentation, I rediscovered Mel White's "What the Bible Says -- and Doesn't Say -- About Homosexuality" -- available online as a free PDF download in both English AND Spanish! GREAT resource ... highly recommended!



Brother David said...

I have already passed the Spanish version to seven people since yesterday.

John said...

Yes, it looks like the English link is broken but the SPanish downloads fine.


John ... THANKS!