Sunday, March 08, 2009

"One Gay Under God" ...

... is a podcast produced by Alicia Ross with a mission to "engage and inform a spiritual community of LBGTQ believers in their chosen faith by exploring fundamental questions of life and spirituality."
I had the honor of being a Alicia's guest for a recent podcast "The Missing Piece" (you can do the click here thing and listen to it if so called.)
The audio quality is not the best, but I appreciated the opportunity to "unpack" a little of what's been going on around here -- from the screenings of The Constant Process (which were her first questions) to the Prop 8 stuff and beyond.
Anyway, great young voice out there -- check it out!
And, since Alicia asked me for referrals for some folks who might be future guests -- if you get a call or email from Alicia Ross return it! :)
PS -- Speaking of "The Constant Process," in a quick check of Douglas Hunter's blog "Durations" this morning I found out that the film is going to be screened at BYU! (Go, Douglas!)

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hillsideslide said...

Hi Susan,

I just heard the podcast today (on my drive to church).

Coming to terms with my sexuality (lesbian) and the church that raised me (UMC) here in good ol' Western Pennsylvania.

I so appreciated hearing your voice and views- well articulated, educated, calm and dignified.

We need more of it.

Thanks for the boost this morning!