Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just to prove ...

... that everybody's a literalist about SOMETHING, here's my question:

Since when did "COMPACT" become a "relative term?"

(This spied outside Panera in Pasadena where I was picking up an after-church-sandwich to take home this afternoon.)

Of course in the cosmic scheme of things, it's a matter of small annoyance that jamming these behemoths into spaces designed for bona fide "compacts" means right-up-to-the line pushes the car next to it right OVER the line and eventually we run out of usable spaces for the aforementioned bona fide compacts to park.

Maybe there's an analogy in there somewhere about sustainability, interconnectedness and respect for neighbor -- but to be totally honest, today it was all about trying to find a parking space on Sunday afternoon.

And now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to go get myself in the correct frame of mind to enjoy seeing Linda Ronstadt in concert at the Universal Amphitheatre tonight.

Grace abounds -- even when parking spaces do not!


PseudoPiskie said...

Once upon a time I had large stickers that commented on the parking ability of the offending driver. They were impossible to remove and when placed carefully they made seeing to drive almost impossible. I'm no longer mean enough to use those (I never did actually) but I sometimes wish I were.

Word is dinglem. 8-)

susankay said...

The scary thing is backing out of parking spaces when one is among the behemoths -- the approaching traffic doesn't know you are there until they hit you. Here in the wild, wild west legitimate pickups mix with 4wd things of various descriptions that have never been off-road. My Prius is scared.