Friday, October 30, 2009

Meanwhile, in Minnesota ....

"Christian ministry means adhering to a twin ethic of love and justice. Justice is always built on the truth. Therefore, Christian ministry also must be built on the truth." -- The Reverend David Norgard, President of Integrity USA in his sermon yesterday in the Diocese of Minnesota on the eve of their electing convention.

Read the rest of David's inspiring sermon here.
Watch for election results from Minnesota tomorrow here.
Pray with the Diocese of Minnesota and all who seek God's will for their lives & ministries:

Gracious God, you give light and life to your people. You guide us in pathways of renewal and transformation. Light the way before us now, as we discern and choose the ninth bishop of the Diocese of Minnesota. May we find a pastor who will lead us in hope, challenge us to ever greater faithfulness, and equip us with love for mission and ministry in the church and in the world. We pray in thanksgiving for your guiding presence and your grace, in the Name of Jesus our Savior. Amen.

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Can't imagine he wouldn't be on the right side of history on LGBT inclusion as he was on all those other things during his rectorate and episcopate.

And you ask that because?