Monday, May 17, 2010

Consecration News Round Up

As the purple-dust starts to settle from Saturday's historic consecrations here in L.A. so do the news reports. While engendering nowhere near the controversy +Gene's November 2003 consecration did, there's been plenty of news and blog coverage. Here are some ...

Print Media:

ENS (Episcopal News Service)
Los Angeles Times
The Baltimore Sun

Local TV:
CBS-Channel 2 posted this story
and KTLA offered this coverage:

The British press had this to say:

The Times Online had Ruth Gledhill's piece Anglican Rift Deepens
The Guardian offered Mary Glasspool is ordained by Savitri Hensman
The Telegraph had
Lesbian Bishop proves that liberals have won by Jonathan Wynne-Jones
And BBC News posted this piece


Elizabeth Kaeton posted "Lions and drums and bishops, Oh My!"
Episcopal Cafe offered "Los Angeles has two new bishops -- with protest"

Finally, Episcopal Life just posted this great piece on Bishops Diane and Mary on their first-day-on-the-job, which begins: "The two newest bishops in the Diocese of Los Angeles and the Episcopal Church didn't waste any time getting right down to ministry."

And now I think it's time to return everybody to the regularly scheduled programs. Thanks for tuning in to this episode "The Diocese of Los Angeles Makes History." Stay tuned for future episodes!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

From the intro in the news video: "It actually happened again . . ."

Oops. Guess we accidentally consecrated two bishops.