Monday, May 17, 2010

You Go, Mr. President!


Jim of L-Town said...

Haven't been here in awhile, but found it humorous that you are still supporting this disaster of a President.

Still in Iraq, heavier into Afghanistan, Guantanimo Bay still open and operating. This guy needs to get to his desk and get to work.

Those of us here in Michigan are still waiting for all those great jobs that were coming with a $1 trillion stimulus plan.

Our unemployment rate remains at 16 percent and he promised that the country's unemployment rate would not go over 8 percent if his stimulus were passed.

Except for blaming his predecessor, which is getting very old, where has this guy been a success.

Oh, health care, except that no most of the benefits don't kick in until 2014 and then only after companies have a chance to downsize their current plans and force people onto the government's plan.

Time for this guy to get to work and time for someone to put back the counter that showed how much money was being sent to a war overseas.

So enjoy his blame game and politics, but you might want to look at what he's really done and what promises he has actually kept.

A sinner saved by God's Grace.

Jim of Michigan.

Katie B said...

Why when I see someone has signed a politically Right wing blog comment with "A sinner saved by God's Grace" I automatically think, "It figures." It shouldn't be that way, but I guess it is. That makes me sad :(

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Great clip. Perfect response to Ms. Palin and her traveling clown circus act.

Jim of L-Town said...

Gees Katie, you don't even know me and you assume a lot. I am far from right wing. When I used to come here often, I used that phrase once, but then decided to keep it because at least people would be able to identify it as the same person.

FYI, I didn't like President Bush either, I'm not a right winger, you might fairly classify me as a Libertarian and fyi, I voted for Ralph Nader in the last election as a protest to two candidates who were so much the lesser of two evils I couldn't vote for either one.

My instincts turned out to be right.

My only point is that this blog held President Bush (rightly) to a high standard when it came to the war and other things. As soon as President Obama was elected the war cost counter disappeared even though the war hasn't. Just an observation.

I used to visit here everyday, now just from time-to-time. Actually, I have often enjoyed the reflections of the author here, and we share a long abiding passion for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As a La Crescenta transplant I still have a little soft spot in my heart for Southern California. But go ahead and make assumptions about me, even if they are way, way off track.

Katie B said...

Actually, Jim, I do apologise for my knee-jerk response. I am just kind of tired of listening to people blame Obama because he hasn't cleaned up the mess Bush made with lightening speed. The fact is Bush made a huge mess and a year and a half is hardly enough time to have made it all better. But I had no right to make a snide comment as a result of my frustration and for that I am very sorry.

Jim of L-Town said...

Katie, pology accepted. My libertarian rants are available at my blog, which is mostly about the decline of my former profession - newspaper reporting - but also about anything else that makes me smile, think or react.

As for being saved by God's grace, I really was, but I'll spare you my long testimony on my difficult road back from alcoholism. Just think "Amazing Grace."

I wish you well.

Jim of Michigan

uffda51 said...

There's a reason why the satirical web site The Onion, the day after election day 2008, ran the headline "Black Man Given Worst Job in World."

Overcoming catastrophe is not easy, especially when the other side believes nothing should be regulated (coal mines, off-shore drilling, health insurance, Wall Street, etc.) but also believes the president was not born in this country, is a Communist, a Nazi, a terrorist, a racist, a Muslim, take your pick.

Jim of L-Town said...

And as I recall, the "other side" had similar convictions and generalizations about President Bush, including Nazi, baby killer, fanatic, war monger, racist, country bumpkin....etc.

This is why I detest both sides. Whenever one side is out of power it spends all its time demonizing the "in power" side and little gets done.

It may simply be a fact of America now and the future that we will be a completely polarized nation, unwilling to listen or consider the positives of those we disagree with, but once elected Presidents should get off the campaign trail and go to work.

Even though I didn't vote for him, I was hoping that President Obama would follow through on his promise to "change the tone" and perhaps turn down the burner on the inflammatory language. The video posted on this thread does neither.

I pray for President Obama as I pray for any President, but as much as I was critical of Bush, I think it is only fair to be critical of President Obama.

The mark of a true leader is not that he spend endless time blaming what he inherited. Where does that get us?

The extreme left and extreme right have hijacked this country from the days of agreeable disagreement (think Tip O'Neill and Everett Dirksen).

I feel sad about that. It is why some of us work and pray for a viable third party, one that will reject the angy and destructive tone that we have grown to live with.

And before I depart this discussion, my only point was that the blog author was making a good point by posting a counter that showed the amazing cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush was in office. For some reason that concern disappeared, even if the spending hasn't. Just an observation.


Jim of Michigan (And still a sinner saved by God's Grace)