Thursday, May 27, 2010

Repeal DADT passes House 234-194

Rachel explains what happened in the House tonight:

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Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

As a citizen, I want to feel safe. That is the military's primary job, to make us feel safe. I don't care about the sexual orientation of the soldiers defending my country. I just want them to kill as many taliban and al qaeda as possible, whatever that takes.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I don't want to kill anyone in order for me to feel safe. I want "liberty and justice for all."



And one of the deep ironies of all this is as a peace & justice type with a "War Is Not the Answer" bumper sticker firmly affixed to the bumper of my vintage Volvo station wagon who WEEKLY writes someone somewhere in protest over the bazillions of dollars we pour into military spending when kids don't have health care or teachers and oil companies have license to do what they've done in the Gulf ... in SPITE of that if someone wants to serve their county in our armed services they should get to do it if they're qualified.

Even if they're gay or lesbian.
And even if they're my son.