Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PURPLE: It's not just for bishops anymore!!

Just for the record, when I'm seen about town tomorrow wearing purple I want to be VERY clear it's a solidarity statement -- not a vocational statement.

Purple -- you see -- isn't just for bishops anymore. At least not tomorrow ... October 20th ... which is the day a grassroots group of LGBT youth advocates are encouraging folks to wear purple in solidarity with at risk LGBT youth and toward ending the cycle of bullying, badgering and violence.

You can read about it in USA Today or just go to your closet now and pick out something purple to wear tomorrow.

Because purple isn't just for bishops anymore!


pasadenapio said...

I missed this post yesterday -- I would have worn purple today! You look grand in the photo.

Elaine C. said...

I wore purple to the Prepare-Enrich pre-marital counseling training I was at -- and asked if any of the research or planning for the process we were being taught had been designed for same sex couples -- in part because the materials seemed so based on gender stereotypes -- who men and women are and what they need to learn to be able to live together. As the only Episcopal (and likely only remotely liberal or progressive) clergy in the room -- I could feel the rest of the participants and trainer pull back when I said, "I'm an Episcopal priest, we do same sex blessings," to stress that this training wasn't going to be enough if it was only about "straight" couples. The trainer seemed to have never considered the idea, but at least people had to pause for a moment and think beyond their usual assumptions.