Friday, December 15, 2006

As the Anglican World Turns

While I've been busy trimming trees, decking halls, planning liturgies and otherwise being sucked into the late-Advent-almost-Christmas frenzy there have been some notable ripples on the "As the Anglican World Turns" front:

Jim Naughton over at Daily Episcopalian gives a good overview of the recent pronouncements from Uganda: "The Anglican right makes its long-planned move."

Mark Harris has been weighing in about the Covenant issue and Fr. Jake is calling for a United Response -- which makes utter sense to me.

Ruth Gledhill has blogged "An Innocent's Guide to things Anglican in the U.S." which has some interesting background on those who are working so hard to bring you this schism they've been dreaming about for lo these many years and the IRD has now taken on Verna Dozier ... Lord, Lord, Lord!

More later ... and now, back to our regularly scheduled Advent!

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