Sunday, December 17, 2006

+Katharine on NPR

Listen to +Katharine on NPR today on All Things Considered

Our focus needs not to be
so much on internal politics
but on serving the world.

And let the people say ...


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Gallycat said...


We would love to have you among our number at .

Thank you for posting the story from the FCNP. I wanted our church to post it to its blog, and they didn't because they noted a number of factual errors in it. So I'm going to post it to mine as well--to me, the truth of that post is more important than the facts, I guess. Borg would have a field day with that one. I live in the backyard of Truro and work in the backyard of the Falls Church.

Anyhow, I met you back at the via media conference in October of 2005. Hope to see you again at some point.