Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Christmas Prayer for Our Troops


Stop the war. Bring our children home.

Soften the hardened hearts and open the closed minds of our pharaohs to see the destructiveness they have wrought.

Open again the Red Sea to allow our children to pass back through to their homeland.

May they return to a promised land and a people who honor the promises we made to them that they may see their risk of life, limb and sanity for our sakes to be valued and respected.

May this season in which we once again celebrate the coming of light into a darkened world mark a new beginning for us, for them and for a world weary of pharoah's arrogance and the interventions of pharoah's armies.

All these things we pray, O God, creator and lover of all living beings who bear your image even when we fail to recognize it. AMEN.
[Harry Coverston: Christmas 2006]

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Thanks to Harry Coverston for this wonderfully moving prayer and for his permission to share it on this site. I have to say I'm seeing the "peace on earth" part of the Christmas promise through a different lens this year with a son on active duty in Iraq. Thanks to Harry giving words to the prayers of so many of our hearts ...