Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spanning the Blogosphere To Keep You Better Informed

A busy Sunday in the Blogosphere -- here's just some of the:

Fr. Jake's headline pretty much says it all: Truro and Falls Church Vote in Favor of Bigotry

Meanwhile, Mark Harris writes on Clarifying CANA's agenda and plans over at PRELUDIUM, concluding: Being an Episcopalian is a vocation that for the moment seems near the edge. It is just our turn, and a long time coming at that. We must do what we believe is right and let it unfold. Yet in all this we must be alert. There are those who will steal the sheep and run off with the silver, all the time claiming they are the holy ones and we are debased. They are with guile and while honored as brothers and sisters for whom Christ died, they are not to be given license to steal.

Bishop Lee's Statement is available at ENS in Virginia bishop vows to care for remaining Episcopalians: Bishop Peter Lee of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia said December 17 that he was saddened by the fact that, as of that afternoon, Nigerian and Ugandan congregations were "occupying Episcopal churches."

And Jim Naughton comments on Dining while gay, and other crimes on the Daily Episcopalian: The members of Truro and the Falls Church have now declared that belonging to a church that permits gays and lesbians to become bishops is too great a tax on their conscience, while belonging to a church that believes gay people should be imprisoned for eating together in public is not.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Christmas preparations continue at Chez Brooks-Russell, as noted on Harvey and Luna: This Christmas stuff is SOOOOOO exhausting!

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