Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Breaking" Bits and Pieces for a Tuesday Lunchtime

Tuesdays are known as "All Staff Meetings All Day At All Saints Church Day" so not usually a day I get much blog reading OR writing time ... but today I'm snagging a little during my lunch-break-between-meetings to post these relatively "breaking" bits and pieces:


Earlier this week there was much ado about a New York Times story entitled "Man of the Flesh to Man of the Cross" which turned out to be much ado about not very accurate facts, as revealed in Jan Nunley's brilliant investigative effort "Stop the Presses Before Someone Gets Hurt" over on EpiScope.

ANYWAY, here's the Letter to the Editor written to the NYTImes from +Jon Bruno -- a letter, I am pleased and proud to note, that sets the record straight in as faithful and measured a way as one could ask from a chief pastor. You can read it all here ... but here's the concluding paragraph:

As Christians, we always rejoice at the news that a person has been transformed by the gospel of Christ into new life, leaving behind attitudes or activities that separate him or her from the love and mercy of God. In the Episcopal Church, all baptized members are invited to be involved in worthwhile and fulfilling forms of ministry, many of which do not require ordination. We encourage Mr. Boyer to continue seeking for the path that our Lord intends for him.

The Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno, Bishop
Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

In a word: Bravo!


Meanwhile, also over at Episcopal Cafe has a nice piece entitled "Pod world and you tube" which notes All Saints tip-toeing into the 21st century with podcasts and videocasts ... including +Gene's sermon from last Sunday. Thanks, Episcopal Cafe folk!


Anonymous said...

Consider the possibility that the Times' reporting about Iraq is similarly inaccurate and sensationalist.

Anonymous said...

Considered it.

Rejected it.

Thanks for asking.


RonF said...

The original NYT story about the porn star being fast tracked for ordination was posted on Free Republic (not by me). A few days ago, when I became aware of the Episcope posting of the actual facts, I posted it on FR. There's enough real issues to dispute without some fool making up lies out of whole cloth.

Fred, you shouldn't be so fast to dismiss it. The NYT has published a number of stories about Iraq about a half-dozen mosques being blown up, etc., that have turned out to be false. Too bad they don't start using stories from reliable sources such as Michael Yon (who actually accompanies American units in the field) instead of sitting in the Green zone and printing rumors and propaganda passed along by stringers as truth.

Lindy said...

Bishop Bruno totally rocks!

I hope he will always speak so clearly. Very refreshing from the apostolic ranks.

Linda McMillan