Friday, July 20, 2007


So I had an ambitious "To Do" list for my day off today ... and this is pretty much what I got accomplished:

Actually, a tad more than that. We did make it to the Dog Park ... and I got my nails done and we stopped at OSH and bought a new mop and a fly-swatter to replace the one Luna chewed up. (Whoopee!) Then I plopped down on an actual couch with a bonfide novel and fell sound asleep.

When I came back up for air it didn't appear I'd missed much ... the "Global South" is rattling the same old sabers (Global South Primates vow to continue violating Episcopal Church boundaries) and the breaking news out of Washington is about President Bush's Dr.'s appointment making Dick Cheney "acting president." (Earth to country: He Already Is!)

And now I think it's Mojitos on the patio and some burgers on the grill. I'm going to try this day off thing more often!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

A good mental health day is always a wonderful diversion.
I enjoyed the dog park pictures and always enjoy taking my uncle's dog to his dog park in his subdivision in Stuart, Florida.
Amazing how so many dogs can get along. At that dog park if you go at 4 p.m. it's a big dog party and happy hour for the owners.
A good time is always had by all, even though as a recovering AA I have to stick to the soft stuff.
Your point about V.P. Cheney is a good one, but there has to be a better joke out there considering Bush's procedure is a colonoscopy. I guess I watch Leno or Letterman ans see what they come up with.

A sinner saved by God's grace

Jim from Michigan

Linda Ryan said...

While they do the colonoscopy, perhaps they can remove a few Cabinet members at the same time? Or do an eye exam at the same time?

(bad cat! bad cat!)

Anonymous said...

I mentioned on another blog that if he came out of the anesthesia "medically" brain dead, they should maintain the status quo and just return him to work.

Susan, you have hit on what I just love about retirement.

Caminante said...

Naps are a wondrous invention and even a northerner can indulge in them (as in Vermont in January when it's minus 15 out in the afternoon and the house isn't any warmer than 58 inside, so why not crawl under a nice warm blanket with three cats?).

RonF said...

It was noted by one of the late night hosts (Colin whatever-his-name-is, I think) that it was appropriate that on the day that the final Harry Potter novel came out, Voldemort became President of the U.S. for a few hours.

Although we shouldn't talk too badly about the man; after all, he established that it's legal to shoot lawyers in Texas.