Friday, November 05, 2010

Bishops Behaving Badly

My, my, my.

So I'm finishing up a GREAT visit to the Diocese of Louisiana with a NOT so great three-hour mechanical flight delay and catching up on email at the gate. (TBTG for airport wifi!) And what a deluge of details on the reaction to our November 3rd launch of the "No Anglican Covenant" website!!

We certainly got Bishop Gregory Cameron's (bless his heart!!) attention ... and not in a good way. He's evidently compared those of us who object to this ill-conceived proposal as a wolf of coercion clothed in the sheep's clothing of covenant language to “an ecclesiastical BNP” and called us “latter-day Little Englanders.”

I'm not up-to-date enough on English Political Polemic to quite "get" the implications of that comparison but it looks like it would the be the American equivalent of playing the "Nazi" and/or "Tea Party" cards.

There are two ways to look at this IMHO:

Number One: It's a sad commentary that a bishop would resort to that kind of ad hominem vitriol rather than engaging our concerns on their merits.
Number Two: Methinks we hit a nerve.

So here's your chance to help make your voice heard. Click here to visit the Church Times website. Click on the "Question of the week" link on the left nav. And vote "Yes" to "Should the Church of England reject the Anglican Covenant."

And stay tuned. There is doubtless more to come on this one!!


Lesley said...

Loved the post!

I just voted - the reject the covenants got 80%... the people have spoken!

whiteycat said...

Can I vote "early and often?"

Patricia Brush said...

I have put your instruction re the Church Times as my Facebook status update.

JimB said...

Yah think?

Yup, I suspect we spoiled breakfast at Lambeth palace. I certainly hope so! They were so intent on sneaking the thing through the General Synod as a no big deal vote and here we come actually making a case against it! ;-)