Monday, November 22, 2010

So now we're an "ISM"??????

Of course I pay attention to what "the other side" is writing. Not as much as I used to when Claiming the Blessing was my full-time job or when I was President of Integrity ... but I still pay attention. Get "Google Alerts." Read some of the blogs. Open up emails when folks forward me stuff. Like this one that came in today ... and article entitled "Lesbianism linked to upbringing."

The article goes on to declare; "A recently released study shows a link between childhood family structure and the rate of female homosexuality -- undermining the claim that sexual orientation is genetic or biological."

You can read the whole piece here ... although for my money you don't have to go any further than the next sentence:
Family Research Council (FRC) looked into the family lives and worship rates of 7,643 women between the ages of 14 and 44 ...
Unbiased, scientific study at its best yeah, shure, you betcha. Think I'm overstating just a tad? Check this out ... it's the follow up poll on the website that "broke" the "Lesbianism" story. One News ("a division of the American Family News Network.") How's this for objective fact gathering? Poll:

What factor below do you believe plays the greatest role in same-sex attraction among girls and women?
  • Indoctrination of feminist values through public education

  • Cultural promotion of sexual deviancy

  • Movement away from biblical plan for marriage and family
Yep. Really. Couldn't make it up. If I wanted to.

So check it out. Here. And then ... if you have a minute and feel like it ... contact these clowns and tell them what you think about their "poll.

Yes, Yes I know -- it won't really make any difference. When you think you have Sole Possession of the Absolute Truth you don't really care what the facts are. But Jesus told us in Matthew 5:16 to "let your light so shine" so let's shine some light and speak some truth to the powers that think they can run roughshod over our families and our relationships and who dare to keep pushing this crap out into the culture.

Ready. Set. Go. Do it. Now. (Thank You!!)


uffda51 said...

Well, it has to be true. It’s on the Internet.

And it’s “a recently released study.” Conspicuous by its absence is the word “scientific” before the word “study.” No explanation of methodology. No explanation as to where they found the women. No contradictory evidence from actual scientists. No mention of peer review.

FRC created it. FRC reported it. You decide.

I love the fun American Idol-style “poll” - pick your favorite of our three foregone conclusions. Please note that “D. None of the above” is NOT an option.

LGMarshall said...

'Lesbianism linked to Upbringing': Well, it is of interest to most, as to how or why homosexual identity comes to fruition. Is there a social/psychological/pathological reason reason for their sexual identity? Possibly so... You certainly could look into the methodology of the study, to see if it's 'scientific' or not, and other similar studies as well.

It is interesting to know that girls that grow up in households without a Father that is married to their Mother have 300% more chance of being Lesbian. Why push away that finding?

It's also interesting to note, that Lesbians have a much lower rate of spending time in Worship of God. [Which stands to confirm for Believers, God's teaching in Romans 1: 26.]

It's sad that our current culture constantly tears down Marriage=1 Man + 1 Woman. Fathers who don't marry the Mothers of their children, do irreparable damage to themselves, their offspring, the mother of their children.

And yes it is interesting to note, that those polled believe the reason behind Lesbianism is a rejection of Truth Bible teachings. [hey it's just like TV Show 'Millionaire'- where the audience is 98% right.]

Either way, you cannot deny that Lesbianism is often a heartache to the parents, & the grandparents.


Did you miss the part where this "poll" is completely bogus? (Wrote the lesbian who grew up in an "intact" family with a great father and who "never missed" Sunday School, church or Vacation Bible School.)

What I deny is that there's an "ism" to being a lesbian ... and believe the real "heartache" is homophobia, bigotry and ignorance.

Thanks for stopping by.

LGMarshall said...

If you feel like sharing personal things.... how did your parents, husband, sons, feel or react about you coming out as Lesbian?

Of your loved ones, do you think some of them may still hide their bewilderment about it so as not to cause you hurt?

And if it does cause them pause, do you call them bigots?


My story's pretty public. Google the documentary "The Constant Process" if you're interested.

LGMarshall said...

I understand, lots of pain and confusion involved. I imagine there is much pain in your wife's family as well. Keep praying, God has an answer for you.

musculars said...

The object of LG Marshall's toxic comments is to push buttons to provoke the same nauseau in your throat that rose in mine upon reading such bilious contemptible condescension. The pain most parents feel is that their children will be exposed to this bile and of course much worse. While the Reverend Russell can reveal the pain of the coming out process, which as from the pain of childbirth delivers true joy- He has no right to touch it, to drive the dagger deeper to prove nothing at all.

Nicole Porter said...

How is it toxic? Because he stands by scripture?

uffda51 said...

Martin, do you have any idea how many people, LGBT and straight, won’t go anywhere near a church, assuming that all churches are full of “Christians” who share the same unexamined, condescending, sanctimonious and yes, toxic, views shared by you and LG?

Do you realize that we all know and love people who have been rebuffed by their church, and that every time we read comments such as yours we are reminded again of this toxicity still present in so many congregations?

MarkBrunson said...


They don't care! Don't you get that yet?!

They want us all to either die or suffer until we "change" to suit them. It's what they are, and why there can be no peace with them. They are sociopaths.

Nicole Porter said...

uffda51, take it up with scripture, not individuals. People don't want to be held to any binding authority and they could be liberals, moderates, or conservatives. All Churches are going through a lost of parishioners, all for different reasons. However, we seem to be bleeding at a more alarming rate. How can you not say that it's nothing to do with the current leadership of our Church and the policies that have been implemented? Yes, living by scripture is tough, a narrow gate. But to lessen the standards set by God because you feel that it's too hard... it is nothing short of a cop out. The Church is supposed to shape and mold YOU, not vice-versa.


"the standards set by God" ...

You mean like Micah 6:8 and Matthew 22:37-40?

Ironically, we're having this argument (again!) on Thanksgiving Eve ... the feast day begun by disgruntled Brits for whom the Church of England wasn't Pure Enough -- Scriptural Enough -- and who left that "Sceptered Isle" in a huff.

This morning I'm thankful for the turkey and stuffing we inherited from them ... the theology, not so much.

So lest we think these arguments are "all about us" ... and just "21st century revisionism" ... they've been GOING - ON - FOR - CENTURIES.

(And a footnote on "lost parishioners -- we baptized 4 and welcomed 25 new members last Sunday. New member classes start again February 20th and folks are already signing up.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

MarkBrunson said...


That's why they get so outraged at our anger. Human emotion is far from them, as that would get in the way of their murderous agenda.

MarkBrunson said...

"Take it up with scripture." = "I was only following orders."

The rationale of evil through human history.

musculars said...

There are scriptures of the narrow gate and scriptures of the open door. May God protect us all from any form of arrogance that would depreciate the value of any who are seeking Christ. Remember the third character of the elder brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son. How furious he was that his younger brother should be restored to his father's love. As a result he excluded himself from the banquet of the Father of love.
Open wide the doors to Christ and may they all be painted bright red.