Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And a Very Merry Multi-Platform Convergent Christmas to YOU!

In a recent interview I was introduced to the term "multi-platform convergence" by a writer working on a book focused on faith, media & communication. This retelling of the Christmas Story (with thanks to Elizabeth Kaeton for the link!) seems to hit the nail right on the multi-platform head! ENJOY!!


Peggy Blanchard + said...

What a wonderful re-telling! Is there any way I can send it to my grandgirls?

Thanks muchly!
Peggy Blanchard+


Just copy this link and send it to them in an email:


Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

Mary the Mother of Jesus is a prominent factor of my personal prayer life. This story makes me pray the Angelus and the Rosary with increased fervor.

Irf said...

Bethlehem is not in Israel.