Saturday, December 04, 2010

Diocesan Convention 2010: Another one in the books!

It's been an incredibly "packed" week or so ... from an all-family-all-the-time Thanksgiving holiday to a three-sermon-Sunday to Burlingame for four days of theology, liturgy & pastoral care/teaching work around blessings to the 115th Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in Riverside.

I realized driving home this evening that this is the 23rd first-Saturday-in-December-in-a-row that I've driven home from a Diocesan Convention. And while it is always an honor to be part that important work, this year I am deeply honored to have been elected by my diocese to serve as a Deputy to General Convention 2012.

More on that ... and some notes and reflections on our time together in Riverside ... a little later. Right now it's time for pizza and the USC/UCLA game ... and tomorrow 2nd Advent, our Alternative Christmas Market and a presentation to the Youth Confirmation Class: "On Faith in Hope and Love: The Episcopal Church"

But first, here are some snapshots from Riverside. Enjoy!!

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