Saturday, December 18, 2010

As the dust settles on today's DADT and Dream Act votes

Yes, it's a big day. The historic vote in the Senate rejecting "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is the cause for great celebration. Here's arguably my favorite-so-far quote:
"Now you can die for your country without having to lie to your country." -- C. Huddleston via R.Swan
Here's a little glimpse to how fast-and-furious the "tweets" were coming on the #DADT twitter page during the historic vote:

It is nothing less than the triumph of honesty over homophobia and it is something to rejoice and be glad in.

And ... it is also important to remember that another piece of legislation fell victim to partisan wrangling today as The Dream Act fell 5 votes short of cloture and in spite of the fact that a majority of Senators supported creating a path to citizenship for immigrant youth.

One comment I saw fly by ... can't remember if it was Facebook or Twitter ... pretty much said it all:
"How sad that we are not yet a nation that can multi-task more than one part of liberty and justice for all at a time!"
So let's celebrate today's important incremental victory. And then let's get back to work and put the same energy, attention and passion into celebrating The Dream Act. Think it's too late? Think that can't happen? Think again.

If we can do what we did today, we can do anything!

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