Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the 5th Day of Christmas, my email gave to me ...

... this little "update" on the Anglican Cycle of Prayer for 2011 from an eagle eyed clergy colleague.
Given the holidays and I say let's give the ACO a little time to get back to us on whether this was the result of "clerical error" or "head in the sanditis." Let's hope it's the former -- which will just require a correction. If it's the latter, we'll be looking at some treatment options.
[DEF: head-in-the-sand-itis: a syndrome prevalent at some levels of hierarchical leadership wherein one is convinced if one just keeps one's head in the sand long enough any current unpleasantness -- like women bishops or gay priests or married lesbians -- will magically disappear and one can resume to function with one's unexamined privilege unexamined.

Here's the email:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 12:21 PM

Dear Canon Kearon,

The Anglican Cycle of Prayer posted on the Communion website lists this petition for January 22nd:

Los Angeles - (Province VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Joseph Jon Bruno
Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles - (Province VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Chester L Talton

As the Cycle of Prayer (as I understand it) is the most up-to-date listing of Diocesan leadership I find it interesting that Los Angeles is not current. It should read:

Los Angeles – (Pvovince VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Joseph Jon Bruno
Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles – (Province VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Diane Jardine Bruce
Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles – (Province VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Mary Douglas Glasspool

Coincidence that the corrections are both women?
Please update the Cycle of Prayer list as soon as possible.


Stay tuned. And if ... just perchance ... you'd like to follow up with a similar inquiry, here's the email address for the Anglican Communion Office.


Dennis said...

thanks for the heads up. I sent a polite letter, too.

Michael Hartney said...

On the 9th day of Christmas there was no correction from the Anglican Communion Office.

Paul Powers said...

The Anglican Cycle of Prayer appears to be based on the Anglican Communion Office's list, which is out of date. It still shows Bishop Wimberly as Bishop of Texas, Bishop Gulick as Bishop of Kentucky and Bishop Rivera as Bishop of Northern Mexico, even though all of them have retired or resigned. They show Bishop Ohl as Bishop of Northwest Texas, even though he has retired from that position and is now serving as Bishop of the Episcopal Church affiliated Diocese of Fort Worth.

It's regrettable that Los Angeles's new suffragans were not included, but I'm not sure that it was a deliberate snub.

wv = tomantic


It's regrettable that those with the privilege of calling the Anglican Communion family to prayer for the whole state of Christ's Church and the world can't be bothered to keep the list up to date.