Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bishop of New Hampshire Reprises Signature Role of Daniel in yet-another Lions' Den

God bless him ... +Gene is stepping up to speak out for marriage equality -- again -- this time at an event billed as a "gay marriage summit" at Jim Garlow's San Diego megachurch.
From the news report in the Union-Tribune San Diego
Bishop Robinson applauded Garlow for organizing Sunday's event, calling it “quite unusual” given the overheated rhetoric that often dogs the issue. “I think the real goal is not to change other people’s minds, but to show that people with opposing views can have a civil dialogue,” Robinson said. Joining Garlow and Robinson on stage will be Presbyterian elder and theologian Robert Gagnon and Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the San Marcos-based Ruth Institute, which promotes the traditional definition of marriage.
Film, as they say, at eleven!


wrpd said...

I was there last night. I will post a longer comment when I can get a more reliable connection. The founder of the Ruth Institute actually promotes the traditional ultra-conservative Roman Catholic view of marriage. She says all divorce is wrong and all second marriages are adulterous.
Gene was wonderful. I'll post more later.

St Paul Blog said...

St Paul's Cathedral San Diego was there in force. The Cathedral Blog is running a series all week with different voices describing the event. Two posts are up so far.