Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thanks, CNN!

That's right -- the time stamp on this screen capture from this morning's CNN segment does indeed say "5:32 a.m." It was a VERY early morning ... but it was also a great chance to talk about what's RIGHT with the Episcopal Church to the CNN audience.

Watch for yourself here.

Favorite response so far? From a parish member who emailed that her granddaughter called from the Denver airport to tell her she'd seen the segment while waiting in line at LAX to board her flight! Nope -- we could NOT pay for that kind of advertising for the Good News of God's love available to absolutely everybody. Thanks, CNN. Seriously!


whiteycat said...

Great job, Susan! Thank you for your ongoing efforts in this regard. This is Good News!

The Very Rev. Daniel B. Brown said...

Way to go! You were gracious and solid! Thanks for speaking the truth about IRD.