Saturday, July 14, 2012

STOP THE PRESSES: Susan Russell Applauds George Conger

Now, don't get me wrong. I like George Conger -- even though we disagree about -- oh well, just about everything . He's an affable guy who loves and serves the same Lord Jesus I do. And if I'm as committed to Anglican Comprehensiveness as I keep saying I am then I need to make darned sure I stay committed to listening to voices I disagree with and making room for them in the discourse. That said, it's not often I find myself APPLAUDING what George has written. But this is one.

What George has written is a spirited dissection of the quite egregiously erroneous Wall Street Journal piece on our General Convention which was entitled "What Ails the Episcopalians." (And might -- according to one Facebook commenter -- have been more appropriately titled "What Ails the WSJ.")

Anyway, check it out. George's piece is here -- and if you know ANYTHING about George Conger you will know immediately how bad the WSJ piece is when you read his opening words:
The author’s insights are largely superficial and the reader cannot rely on him as a guide to the deeper meaning of the things he describes. Silly things take place at Episcopal Church General Conventions — I have covered the last six — yet, the Episcopal Church and its presiding bishop are not guilty of the crimes leveled against them in this article.
Seriously! My deep wondering continues to be how those how speak the loudest and most insistently about "preserving the faith received from the apostles" seem to think that somehow the 9th Commandment does not apply to them. I just checked. There is, indeed, no * after the "false witness" part that says "*unless you're talking about the Episcopal Church."


DeaconScott said...

When I saw your tweet this morning, pointing to the article, I almost fainted.

LGMarshall said...

Hoorah. Funeral rites for dogs & cats & hamsters. (Not to be confused with funeral rites for the discarded unborn.) I know TEC is still evolving on that issue ... & there's always hope.