Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Blessing Has Been CLAIMED!

There will be more to come tomorrow, but it's late and there are two more day so of legislation which begin for me with 7:30am Legislative Committee Hearings so suffice to say: The Blessing Has Been Claimed!

In an overwhelming vote (78% lay/76% clergy) the House of Deputies voted today to authorize rites for same-sex couples in The Episcopal Church. (Bishops voted yesterday 111-43)

I've got stories to tell -- reflections to offer -- details to share -- and deep, deep delight that the work of Claiming the Blessing -- the collaborative born in 2002 to work for securing liturgical rites for blessing -- has achieved its goal. But right now it's time to turn off the lights and get up and do it all again tomorrow. And yes, I'm very, VERY proud of this church. And grateful for the amazing cloud of witnesses who have worked so long, hard, and faithfully to bring us to this place where -- as the Presiding Bishop said on Sunday -- we have dared to climb over the fence between fear and possibility.

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