Monday, December 10, 2007

The Day After ...

Today's Los Angeles Times offers this report on the day after the attempted secession of the Diocese of San Joaquin from the Episcopal Church:

Some parishes won't secede
Several San Joaquin Episcopal churches aren't joining their diocese's split.
By Rebecca Trounson,
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
December 10, 2007

FRESNO -- One day after the Diocese of San Joaquin became the first in the country to break ties with the Episcopal Church, the Rev. Keith Axberg sought to reassure and cheer up his congregation, the only one in this city that is expected to remain with the national church.

"There are things that are going to take time and much we don't know," said Axberg, rector of Holy Family Episcopal Church in northeast Fresno. "But our purpose is to gather here to worship God . . . and I'm thankful you are here."

Read the rest here ... but here's my favorite quote:

"The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is very much alive, despite what everyone thinks," [Holy Family parishioner George] Wade said. "We're going to be growing in fertile ground now that the weeds are gone."

An inch at a time, folks. The garden grows green an inch at a time!

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