Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Wonderland ...

This was pretty much the scene when we landed at O'Hare this evening: snow, snow, snow ... and snow plows, "de-icers" and other stuff we don't so much see in L.A. Ever.

So we're here in Chicago ... conference starts tomorrow ... snow is still falling outside ... how weird is it to wake up in 80 degrees in L.A. and go to bed with snow falling outside in Chicago!


JimB said...

Welcome to our home. I did not see the conference advertised or discussed. Call me curious, what is its intent and audience?

Will you be back West before Sunday? You are very welcome at Emmanuel Sunday if you shall be here. For that matter, you are very welcome anytime. I simply wont be in town. I am doing the guest worker thing in Tennesee.



It's billed as a Consultation on Full Inclusion in the Anglican Communion and is being hosted at Seabury-Western. And I head home Friday afternoon so will be back-in-the-All-Saints saddle on Sunday ... thanks for the kind invitation, however!

More later ..

RonF said...

Well, then, asking you out to St. Helena's is off as well. It's a bit of a hike from Evanston, anyway. Were you delayed getting into O'Hare?

BTW, if you find yourself coming out to Chicago again, ask whoever arranges your travel to see if there's a convenient flight into Midway. It's a smaller scale airport than O'Hare. It takes a little longer to get to an expressway than it does at O'Hare, but it's not a mile hike from the gate to your luggage or a 30 minute wait to get through security either.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

Welcome to my cold world. This is why I continually miss my Southern California home.
Soon I will be spending my winters where it is warm once both my wife and I are retired.
Even with snow, Chicago still is my favorite city.

A sinner saved by God's Grace.

Jim from Michigan

Anonymous said...

jimB was kind enough not to point out that Tuesday's storm wasn't exactly "snow, snow, snow," unless you're from Southern California.

Just think, Susan, here in the Midwest we have all the fresh water needed to sustain life. It regularly falls out of the sky upon our heads.

But we recognize that others have a different manner of life, and we're happy to host conferences that include that vast tribe on the other side of the great desert despite their frequently bizarre rituals, such as walking underneath klieg lights when it's 100º outside. Do enjoy Chicago.

Jack Sprat said...


I saw your photo and thought...

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." and that put me in the holiday mood!


Anonymous said...

I tell you over and over that Pensacola is only 40 minutes from Atlanta on Delta or AirTran, but no, you have to go to places like Chicago. It's beautiful here today, and except for July and August, usually is.


JimB said...

Fr. Josh,

SHHHSH! We do not want to scare the lady. Sue-z described the snow as a 'dusting.' O'Hare was barely slowed down.

It is all about viewpoints. I am writing this from Johnson City Tennesee where I am not wearing a coat. The local folks are bundled like 40f is cold or something.

By the way, if you'l do get to Chicago again, on a Sunday, the invitation to Emmanuel is open.

I also recommend St. Helenas where RonF is senior warden. In a real sense I think St. H is a model of what the conservative church could be. Loyal, dedicated, lively, and committed to the process of living the faith, they are in many ways, amazing. While they are not likely to become progressives next month, they very much add to the conversation. Ron's call the question on "the cats and dogs" ressolution at our last convention may have been the single most unified moment the delegates shared.

As they say down here, "you'l come!"


RonF said...

I appreciate your comment, jimB. I was surprised and gratified as the reaction! I thought my question on "how does this not affect the budget" on the anti-racism resolution was reasonably on point as well; it forced the Canon to the Ordinary to make a detailed explanation that a lot of people were looking for. And no, I didn't oppose the resolution, I just thought they were ducking the question of the budget for expediency's sake.

However, I must say that St. Helena's cannot be fairly described as a conservative church. There are those there that agree with me on these issues. There are those that disagree with me. The current thinking is that it's about 50/50. What I think we model well is a group of people who believe that what separates us is less than what unites us. I see that my job as Sr. Warden is to steer us away from having one faction or another try to "win" and get the parish to advance a particular agenda in any of those areas where we disagree and keep us concentrated on working together in those areas that unite us.

RonF said...

Oh, and let me second some of the other comments:

For those of you from California; what you see in that picture is what we call a "light dusting". If it created flight operation delays at O'Hare for more than a few minutes, heads would roll.

JimB said...

Ronf and I are refering to a ressolution that reversed another two years back that folded the "anti-racism" commission into another. At the time, we were assured that it would not become a footnote if the folding took place -- it did. I voted no on the first ressolution. I was right and Ron was right to be supportive now. But he was also right to ask where the money went. ;-) Somehow our self-annointed betters in the clergy seem to think there are no Episcopalian accountants....

jimB (BS Business)