Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yet ANOTHER Anglican Covenant???

This one, however, from Tobias Haller, actually makes some sense:


Bishops can go anywhere they wish and do anything they damn well please. No one need take notice of any bishop under any circumstances, no matter where they are or what they do. Like God, they shall aspire to be incomprehensible and invisible.*

For the purposes of this Covenant, all Provinces shall remain in “Communion” with one another; which shall mean being best friends forever, or until someone says or does something someone else doesn’t approve of.

The four instruments of communion shall be: Castanets**, English Horn***, Autoharp****, and Thumb Piano*****.


*Which should please everyone no end; or world without or with end, whichever comes first.
**In Galilee.
***The English have a tendency to horn in on everything. This is the concept of primus inter pares, or “The Primate has gone all pear-shaped.”
****The Autoharp is a favored instrument of reasserters and reappriasers (or re-anythings, really): it will automatically keep harping on the same thing over and over without any additional input.
*****This is the most decisive instrument: The thumbs can be up, the thumbs can be down.


johnieb said...

Veddy nice, Br. Tobias, you say?

That would explain a lot.

JimB said...

I suppose as a dulcimerist, I should look for alternative episcopal oversight?