Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taking a break from Anglican Angst ...

... we went and saw "Juno" this afternoon.

In a word:
(Okay ... that's three words ... but we give it four thumbs up!)
And now ... back to the Patriots/Giants game!


Mark Diebel said...

Am happening by your blog and read this... and will add that I have not seen juno... so this opinion is unfounded in direct knowledge!

That warning said... which may merit the removal of this post... i say, as an adopted adult... the happy thought of my mother going through some sort of decision process like this... well... it isn't happy. So giving birth and moving on is so very easy?

What, i wonder, may that child-- who will become someone one day who thinks and relates to the past -- consider of the image that is represented here in this film? this is indeed what our society wishes of its women... and of its children? exchangeable... forgettable.

i wish that the glbt agenda would add more reflective intelligence to the adoption question than i'm seeing.


mark ...

see the movie and then get back to me.


(and for the record, there actually ISN'T a "glbt agenda" ... the other side made that one up)