Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And now, some Breaking (NOT!) News!!!

North American Anglicans to split

Honest to Pete (as I just commented on another site) if I had a nickel for everytime we've seen this headline over the last decade I could finish my Christmas shopping this afternoon.

From the BBC:

Traditionalist Anglicans are to formally announce that they are setting up a new church in the US and Canada.

The move will make the long-discussed split in the Anglican Church in North America a reality.
It means in each country there will be two competing churches, both claiming allegiance to the Anglican Communion.

The American Church's liberal stance on homosexuality has led some traditionalists, including some whole dioceses, to leave the Church.

They have instead formed a range of new alliances, often with Churches in Africa.
On Wednesday those disparate groups are uniting to form a new North American Church.

During a celebration service in Illinois, its leaders will unveil a draft constitution for the new Church.

But doubts remain as to whether or how it will be recognised by the wider Anglican Communion.

Read the rest here ... but don't expect anything "new." More posturing from the neo-cons and more double-speak from Kenneth Kearon.

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