Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On the radio this morning ...

I'm scheduled to be on KPFA Radio (Berkeley CA) in about ten minutes (7:30 am Pacific) talking about the "Becket Foundation for Religious Liberty" pack-of-lies full page ad that ran the L.A. and New York Times last weekend, alleging "orchestrated violence" and "mob rule" in opposition to Prop 8.

From the HRC Press Release regarding the ad campaign:

“Several signatories to the ad are generals in the culture wars,” said Rev. Susan Russell of All Saints Church (Episcopal) in Pasadena, CA. “They lied about gay people in the campaign, and now they are lying again when they say we are in favor of mob intimidation and violence. I personally talked legitimately angry demonstrators in California out of such action and every credible LGBT organization called for peaceful resistance to the Prop 8 travesty. Many of the leaders cited in this ad preach hate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, then look the other way when LGBT people are the victims of hate crimes. This ad is an act of individual and corporate hypocrisy.”

Meanwhile, if you want to weigh on this go to Demand the Truth and make your voice heard.

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