Friday, August 31, 2007

Father Matthew Does L.A.

Just got word this week that our Fall Clergy Conference here in the Good Old Diocese of Los Angeles will feature none other than our favorite video blogging priest ...

(From the diocesan website:) Matthew Moretz is the creator of Fr. Matthew Presents, a video blog on where he dishes out religious and social commentary in humor-wrapped video shorts set to a backdrop of edgy rock music. While he goes about entertaining people, Moretz hopes to spread faith teachings and draw people back to the church.

“On a national level, we are seeing more priest who are in the millennial and Gen X age who are taking advantage of this mode of communication,” said Robert Williams, communications director for the Episcopal Church National Office and former director of communications for the diocese of Los Angeles.

But Moretz’s work is unique in its fusion of faith and humor. His video blog has drawn fan e-mails from throughout the United States and abroad, and at least two other churches have tried to duplicate his efforts.
VERY Cool!!!

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Anonymous said...

Our Church is using Fr. Matthew's YouTubes video to share the Good News of Faith inChrist. I read that he is leaving his post of Curate to fill another post in the same area. Lord bless his work and his humor!