Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Michael Battle -- newly arrived in the Diocese of Los Angeles and settling in as the new Provost of our Cathedral Center -- offers a truly wonderful reflection on "Ubuntu" entitled "It Takes A Village" provided by Trinity Television and New Media and conveniently posted over at Episcopal Cafe.
Watch it HERE ...
... and give thanks for ALL those working with the One who loved us enough to become one of us to show us how to walk in love with God and with each other to bring that kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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RonF said...

It really does take a village. Children need to see that the values that their parents are teaching them are not just held by them but are held by the community as a whole; religious leaders, teachers, Scout and other youth volunteer leaders, police, politicians, etc.

When I ask parents to become leaders in the Troop, they usually respond "But I don't know how to tie knots/use an axe/cook outdoors/put up a tent/etc., etc." My response is, "I can teach you all that. The important thing here is that by doing this you teach your child that it's both a duty and a pleasure for a parent to teach their child." I'd extend that to say that we need to teach our children that it's everyone's duty and pleasure to teach the community's children, not just their own.