Friday, August 17, 2007

Report from Vacationland

It's been a quiet day in vacationland.

The dogs are enjoying having us home ...

... the cats don't seem to care. Much. And here are the ready to pick apples on our apple tree in the backyard -- which may be in a pie by this time tomorrow!

I did bestir myself enough to comment on the latest from David (still calling himself Canon for reasons known only to himself) Anderson over on Walking With Integrity ... he's appalled by our lack of orthodoxy. Whatever.
Meanwhile, last night we enjoyed our second-in-two-weeks film set in Paris: 2 Days in Paris. Definitely a winner.


More as it occurs to me. Happy Weekend, Everybody!


Anonymous said...

These days I think of him as David "Cannon" Anderson... Two 'n's seem to describe him better than one.

Anonymous said...

Great looking dogs!
I hope you have a fun vacation.