Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let the Vacation Begin!

Saturday was DAY ONE of Vacation 2007 ... will be back at All Saints after Labor Day. We've started off with a visit to the Santa Ynez Wine Country ... here's a little foretaste of the wine coutry banquet to come!

More later! (Meanwhile, Harvey & Luna are blogging on wine bottling in the wine country if anybody's interested.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

Please tell me that Anderson's still makes their great split pea soup in Buelton.
My parents used to take me and my brother there and to Solvang every other year.
Somewhere near there is a coast city with a huge rock just off the coast that we used to stop and have lunch at, but for the life of me I can't remember the name.
Santa Maria was also a favorite one-day vacation stop as we traveled up the coast.
There, you've made me homesick again!

Have a wonderful vacation and the worst part of having to stay off alcohol is missing the unique California wine tasting experience.

A sinner (and recovered alcoholic) saved by God's Grace.

Jim from Michigan


Yep ... Pea Soup Andersen's is still schlepping soup in Buellton. And the "big rock" north on the coast is Morro Bay. Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!